Barbecue and Outdoor Kitchens to be Copied

Who does not like to stay in the garden in the evening after a day in the sun spent at the sea? The barbecues as well as the outdoor kitchens are spreading more and more: The shapes are the most varied, as well as materials and costs. For this reason today we have collected the most fascinating projects to inspire you! Don’t wait any longer to have something like that for your garden!

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1. All You Need

The masonry structure guarantees solidity and resistance and a remarkable ability to accommodate complements of other materials, such as steel for cooking tops and wood or marble, as we see, for work surfaces. This ductility allows to create configurations that guarantee that even on the outside, the kitchen equipment is complete and efficient.

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2. Masonry and Steel

Steel is another material commonly used with great efficacy for grills and outdoor barbecues. And it can, as we see in this case, integrate in an effective way with the masonry structure of the kitchen.

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3. Masonry and Wood

Other common material in the configuration of outdoor environments such as gardens and terraces is represented by wood, for resistance and ductility perfect complement to the masonry structure. As in the case that we see, it can be used to define the worktops, as a fitting space between the masonry structures dedicated to the cooking of the food.

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4. Independent Masonry

What we see is an independent masonry kitchen structure to be placed in a dedicated area of the garden. The characteristics in this case are particularly oriented to privilege the areas dedicated to barbecue.

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5. Outdoor Kitchen under Pergola

A classic of outdoor barbecue is represented by the brick structure. A safe and efficient way to give rise to the cooking space in which to place the gratings, adding preparation and support plans around.

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6. Integrated Masonry Kitchen

What we see in this case, is a kitchen in masonry organically integrated with the structure of the veranda, which sees the eternal organized as a real space of the house and not as its additional appendix. The roof and the wooden tops rest on the structure in white masonry.

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7. In White Masonry

A masonry structure is of course more difficult and complicated to create. But the space for the barbecue can be obtained within the wider framework of works that serve to make the garden or the terrace usable, enriching it with a fundamental element, to make the space always ready to accommodate.

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8. Modern

A modern exterior living under an iron pergola needs instead of an equally modern grid, able to interact with the surrounding style and with the furnishings that have been chosen for the outdoor area between relaxation and taste.

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9. Multifunction

A multi-function grid is a valuable ally for our barbecue, but more generally, because of its prerogative to be precisely used for more purposes, an element useful in all respects, not only for grilling.

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10. For a family barbecue

We live almost a whole week between stress and various commitments, and the moments to devote to the family gain more and more importance. So, bringing the family together around a good barbecue is a perfect solution!

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11. Gas

The gas barbecue can have dimensions and structures also very different. You can move from the portable, light and smooth to move, to a more articulated and complex structure like the one we see.

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12. Moving grid

The barbecues, it was said, are often essential complement of our terraces, perfect to animate the spring and summer evenings, center of lunches, dinners and parties, the fulcrum around which we will meet with friends and family between good food and lots of chatter.

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13. Picnic

A makeshift picnic with friends in the garden or on the terrace, with the arrival of good weather, is always a good opportunity. In these cases it is necessary to have an efficient and agile barbecue at the same time, which can guarantee an excellent cooking capacity, both in terms of quality and of the quantity of food.

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14. Geometric and Design

All household items can have a bold, geometric, futuristic, far-fetched design, ready to make a difference. And the barbecue is no exception!

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15. From balcony

If you live in an apartment or in a house without a garden, but your desire is to have a barbecue, you can not miss this mini grill, small, practical and discreet.. it seems just a dabalcone vessel.

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16. To enjoy the house

If you have a more traditional style, maybe rustic, this is the most suitable proposal for you! In a romantic dependence, here is the ideal barbecue for delightful moments with the family on the winter days, where everyone is welcome. A barbecue to be exploited every day of the year, around which to cultivate the good humor.. and enjoy an exquisite barbecue!

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How to design a barbecue grill area on the terrace?

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