30+ Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2018

Going back 50 years ago in terms of home decor, a lot of homeowners do not care about their bathrooms. In those days, no matter how many bathrooms one has, these are the ugliest and neglected rooms in the house. These days however, bathrooms should be the first places we should focus on. If you are planning to update the look of your bathroom, here are a few simple tricks you can do bathroom decorating ideas 2018:

1. When choosing paint, pick the colors for 2018 like turquoise or orange. You can also lighten up dark colors by adding band of wainscoting on your walls and painting it with crisp white.

diy ideas for decorating a bathroom wall

2. You can also add crown moldings in your bathroom. These will make your wall color stand out. You can also add molding around your light fixture on the ceiling too. This gives your bathroom some touch of elegance.

ideas for decorating bathroom shelves

3. Update your bathroom cabinets with fresh coat of paint or replace your handles with something modern. You should also check your light switches if they require some updating as well.

ideas decorating small bathroom

Bathroom Themes

Tired of the same look in your bathroom? There are several options when it comes to decorating the bathroom. You can choose themes of families, women, men or children. Although the bathroom is often used throughout the day, this room is often neglected in terms of decorating its look.

traditional powder room in small bathroom decorating ideas

However, you can create a bathroom that everyone would love to use and stay in whenever they want to go there. Below are bathrooms themes you can incorporate in your own bathroom:

1. Retro bathroom design

The bathrooms are should be a place where you can relax. For this, you must go online and see the many different options they have when it comes to retro decoration. Decide what suits you best. Retro is all about unique pieces and colorful accents.

ideas for decorating bathroom countertops

2. Country

Country interior is all about achieving a natural look. You must keep the look simple and decorate it with small oval braided rugs on the floor. Use accessories like wrought iron and candlelight. Remember the less you have, the better your room will look.

ideas for decorating bathrooms on a budget

3. Elegant

Sophisticated themes are becoming very popular because you can actually have an expensive look at a very affordable price. You can have your color scheme in cream with a little gloss on it. Use silver in towel dispensers, soap holders and toothbrush holders.

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