18 Best Contemporary Bathroom Flooring Ideas

For some people the bathroom is perhaps one place where they might find utter bliss. Especially after a day of hard work it’s simply divine to take a nice shower or soak in a tub full of warm water. Everyone would like to have bathroom floor tiles which look luxurious. If you are looking for some easy and convenient bathroom flooring ideas you are at the right place.

The following bathroom tile ideas are pretty easy to incorporate and can lend an opulent look to your bathrooms. So bathing is not only a necessity but a luxury as well.

25 luxurious bathroom design ideas to copy right now pinterest inside Lavish Marble Bathroom Flooring Idea

1. Classy Blue Bathroom Flooring

Blue is such a relaxing color. It gives an image of the cool breeze and is easy on the eyes. The simplistic design and the free standing tub give this bathroom a quaint touch. The alternate blue and gray bathroom tiles look pretty as well.

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2. Geometric Bathroom Flooring

The hexagonal tiles look stylish and somewhat minimalistic too. For people who believe in unfussiness and minimalism this is a great bathroom flooring idea. It works especially well for large bathrooms which allow a great deal of sunlight, which somehow adds character to this otherwise simplistic design.

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3. Dark Grey Slate Tile Bathroom Flooring

There is something very sophisticated about dark colored tiles. They lend a look of gilded splendor to the bathroom. When combined with the digitally worked upon wall this bathroom is all about luxury and style.

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4. Black Bathroom Flooring Idea

Black is one color which never goes out of fashion. It’s remained a firm favorite with interior decorators throughout the decades. What’s more, when combined with the lovely white bathroom fittings the whole look is completely altered. The brown wooden floor is a welcome addition which tends to add a touch of classiness to this lovely bathroom. It’s a great bathroom tile flooring idea for those who love all things opulent.

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5. Lovely Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor

Those who have a smaller bathroom yet wouldn’t like to compromise on the look will find this an enchanting bathroom flooring idea. The free standing clawed bath tub lends a slight Victorian air to this otherwise modern bathroom design.

bathroom black and white tile bathroom floor retro classic hexagon within 18 Best Contemporary Bathroom Flooring Ideas

6. Enchanting White Bathroom Flooring Idea

The clover shaped tiles add a certain charm and appeal to this lovely bathroom. For those who like to indulge in their sensual side this is a great idea, one which is pretty simple to implicate as well.

20 amazing bathrooms with wood like tile pinterest modern shower throughout Lovely Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor

7. Luxurious Mosaic Flooring Idea For Bathrooms

The lovely mosaic floor when paired with the opulence of the art deco wall and the lovely chandelier add a really classic touch to this bathroom. Definitely not for those on a budget this bathroom flooring idea is great for those who like indulgence and luxury.

8. Lavish Marble Bathroom Flooring Idea

Marble gives a posh and lavish look to any bathroom. Whether it’s dark or light colored, marble flooring holds its appeal and is never out of fashion.

blue bathroom floor tile modern bathroom tile ideas regarding Lovely Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor

9. Faux Wooden Bathroom Flooring Idea

These classic ceramic tiles imitate the likeness of wood, thus giving this bathroom a very endearing look. The cherry wood bathtub with the clawed feet adds a subtle charm to this classy decor.

10. Glass Tiled Bathroom Flooring

Glass tiled floors have recently become quite popular. They add a glamorous touch to any bathroom giving it a look of opulence and luxury.

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11. Sophisticated Wooden Bathroom Floor

Minimalism at its best, this classy bathroom is a dream come true. With its stark simplicity and stylish wooden flooring, it’s all about understated elegance.

12. Classy Designer Bathroom Floor Tiles

For those who love everything quirky, designer bathroom tiles offer a great many options. Some tend to look like little jewels embossed on the bathroom floor while others emulate droplets of water. These come in quite a few designs and can add an exclusive look to your bathrooms.

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13. Pebbled Bathroom Floor Tiles

Pebbled bathroom floor tiles don’t only look good but are a great option for those who might be weary of slipping on a wet bathroom floor. These provide a good standing grip and look chic as well.

14. Quaint Colored Tile Bathroom Floor

Quaint and charming bathroom tiles add a certain character to you bathing area. It’s not only modernistic but quite appealing as well.

carrara marble bathroom designs luxury bathroom white marble throughout 18 Best Contemporary Bathroom Flooring Ideas

15. Modern Gray And White Bathroom Floor

The stylish square tile design on the floor and the interplay of smaller and larger tiles on the walls add a contemporary touch to this otherwise simplistic bathroom.

16. Floral Bathroom Tile Designs

These classy ceramic tiles add a touch of real elegance to any bathroom. For those who love bathing in luxury these tiles can add all the glamor which they crave.

bathroom enchanting white oak wood floor for bathroom flooring design for Enchanting White Bathroom Flooring Idea

17. Pebble And Mosaic Bathroom Flooring Idea

This lovely and extremely modern bathroom holds a classic appeal. The interplay of the pebbled tiles along with the patterned tiles creates an aura of exquisite splendor.

18. Minimalistic Bathroom With Pebbled And Faux Wooden Flooring

The ultimate in luxury and magnificence, this bathroom is simply divine. Imagine unwinding in a bath area as luxurious as this one!

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With so many, bathroom flooring ideas to choose from you can find the one which perfectly suits your sense of style and budget as well. Using the right bathroom tile ideas can add a glamorous touch to your bath time making it all the more enjoyable.

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