Bedroom Furniture For A Newborn Baby

Bedroom furniture for a newborn baby needs to be designed and selected correctly to ensure the safety, comfort of your baby and make your life easier. New equipment comes with safety checks and guarantees. If you are using second hand furniture make sure it is safe and sturdy. For peace of mind, a safety assessment should be done.

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Baby furniture stores sell a variety of equipment to suit your style and specific needs. Typically a baby’s nursery room will contain a cot (crib or cradle), change table, chest of drawers.

You can decide on traditional wooden or white or a variety of other styles, colours and motifs depending on what you have in mind for your baby. You can also opt for a nursery theme such as animal motifs or cartoon characters. You will then coordinate the furniture, decor, equipment, walls and accessories to match the theme you want to create. The walls of the nursery room can be decorated with wall paper or adhesive cartoon characters or animal motifs. Baby sheets, blankets, mobile hanging toys or picture frames can have the same theme.

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Small Baby Room Winnie the Pooh furniture

Generally for a newborn up to about 3 months of age, a bassinet with wheels is used in the nursery for ease of movement and can also be moved out of the nursery to facilitate supervision of your baby while you are doing other things around the house. You can have a cot or crib with a traditional or modern style depending on the interior design of the nursery. Some are quite versatile and can be converted into a small bed when your child is older.

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A change table is essential to have in the baby’s room to easily change and dress your baby. These vary in styles and design to suit your needs and budget. The change table can be equipped with drawers or shelves. You can use the shelves to keep the baby clothes, diapers, and baby products.

Simple Changing Table

A rocking chair or a comfortable arm chair is very practical and useful to have in a corner of the baby’s room. You can comfortably feed your baby, read a book or sing lullabies for your baby to gently fall back to sleep (don’t be surprised if you fall asleep too). The chair can be used in other areas of the house such as the study room when your child is older.

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The nursery is used by a newly born baby until he or she is big enough to be in their own room. Basically a baby’s room should be safe and have a warm cozy feel to it by having practical and well-functioning furniture and equipment with a beautiful and happy theme to match.

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