Design Your Dream Kitchen in Budget

Wе аll dream tо build аn ideal kitchen іn оur home. But аn ideal аnd dream kitchen іѕ a kind оf luxury fоr mаnу people whо can’t afford іt. Designing аn ideal dream kitchen іn budget аnd available lоw fund іѕ difficult but nоt impossible. Yоu mау hаvе tо sacrifice оn spending tо fіnd thе perfect new product mix.

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A beautiful and ideal kitchen design can only be created by a perfect combination of design, convenience, and safety. The best kitchen design and layout will offer you the ease of movement around the kitchen, accessibility to food, utensils, and cooking apparatus. Moreover, you should feel comfortable in the kitchen.

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In order to design your kitchen in budget, the first thing to ascertain is to know and understand areas where you want to invest and spend your dollars. What are your likes, dislikes, taste and passion? If you are a chef, or if you are more inclined towards cooking or if you just love food, you may consider investing your money on professional-grade kitchen appliances. If you are one of those party lovers and an entertainer, you may like to have a wine cooler and island seating. Making your kitchen comfortable and work for you is always worth the investment.

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Kitchen Appliances

Even when you want your kitchen to be comfortable and work for you, you should focus on the future trends. Style and design are important considerations, essential quality products are important too. One such item is the kitchen faucet. Always consider a good quality branded faucet with lifetime guarantees considering that you are not going to change it too often.

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Cabinets and Storage

Make wise decisions when it comes to kitchen cabinets and storage. Avoid all junk drawers. Add wisely designed quality cabinets to safely store all you household items and cooking and dining utensils. To get the most out of your investment, choose a finish that will meet your present and future style and needs.

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I recently read the “Real Deal” Survey, conducted by Decora Cabinets and Kitchen and Bath Design News which mentions that white/cream or natural oak, maple and cherry are the most widely accepted cabinet finishes. The survey also revealed that pull-out garbage bins, pot and pan drawers and tray organizers are the most popular ways to keep your cabinets organized. I agree to their survey.

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Where to Save

When it comes to kitchen flooring and countertops, try to get the look for less. Laminates offer the look of high-end options without the expense and maintenance. Wide ranges of options are there for countertops. The trusted VT Fine Laminate Countertops offer a variety of options that emulate the look of natural granite and quartz. For kitchen flooring, you can consider vinyl flooring that offer both style and durability in budget. Other laminate flooring options are also available that offer patterns and textures to get look of wood, ceramic tile or stone.

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Do it yourself (DIY)

In any home and kitchen remodeling and maintenance work, your own labor can save you a considerable amount of money. Doing it yourself with help of handy family members and friends can save good cash. You can hire a professional to do the major renovation, but ask for a discount if you assist with demolition, clean-up or the finish work and painting. Why should you help him for free?

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Recycle and Reuse

Designing your ideal kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start from scratch. Check out for items that are working and consider recycling and reusing them. If your kitchen already has cabinets that meet your storage needs, but not your aesthetic needs – try to paint or refinishing them. Remember that kitchen storage cabinets need a good investment and by refinishing an existing cabinet you can save a considerable amount of money. If you have appliances, furniture, lighting and cabinets that are in good working condition, you can try to sell them on online auction sites such as eBay and Amazon and even try getting some good deals on purchasing new ones from these sites. By doing this, you not only save the environment but also keep them out of landfills.

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So, with little planning on how to design, where to invest and where to save money, you can easily design your ideal dream kitchen in your budget.

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