How to Glaze Kitchen Cabinets

Hi, this is brownie two cabins today. I’m going to show you how to do a pinstripe glaze kitchen cabinets on a naughty altered or it’s a natural color looks like this turn it into this. First, we need a can of Van Dyne brown glaze. Next, we need just a simple paint brush. And finally some clear wood finish lacquer or anything.

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Again we’re going to take our paint stick we’re going to dip it in the glaze. Go bring it out and we’ll just put a little bit of the glaze kitchen cabinets on the lid here. We’re going to take our paintbrush. And we’re just going to knit the edge of it in really light you just get a little bit of glaze on there.

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And then, we’re just going to make a line, right down the end of the door. Get a rag now and we’re going to wipe it off. We’re just gonna put our finger down in here and just wipe it right off it’ll. Leave the excess glaze in the corners.

Now you want to make sure that you wipe it off all the way and look for any rag marks. We’re going to start on this corner now. We’re gonna go to the corner and you want to make sure in the corner that you get nice and deep so it goes all the way underneath.

Now we’re going to come on this side. And you want to make sure you get right underneath the profile of that door. Nice and even and we’re going to do this talk. We’re out right here. You can see. We’re you know. We’re playing the nun nice and thick thinking. Sure we get in these corners. Take our rack here and we’re just going to start wiping this down wipe off the excess glaze.

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Okay and we’re going to start on this outside over out right here on the outside. And really you can you can put glaze anywhere that there’s. These edges where it will stick. And we begin to wipe it off.

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Now the next step, after we have in place ready to go we’re going to take some lacquer clear spray lacquer with a satin finish. And we’re just going to do a light topcoat on the door you want to spray it off of the door. And then along and hand off the door. If you spray it right on the door you’ll get a big clump laughter right on. It so you can see there, we’ll start off the door. And we’ll come back all the way back for a nice even coat.

Now what we do is we let that dry when it dries it’s going to give kind of a fog finish and so we’ll do one more coat clear it up.

Well, I’m dry and you can see that knives are in product you want to let this sit for five minutes, so it can it can set up, but that’s how you do a pinstripe glaze kitchen cabinets.

And this video can help you to do it yourself.

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