How to Install Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic floor tiles аrе easy tо install. In fact, installation оf ceramic tiles оn floor іѕ аn easy DIY home project.

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Requirement tо Install Ceramic Floor Tiles

Before proceeding with the installation, it is important to make sure that the sub-floor is smooth and rigid. If the sub-floor is rough or too thin, then ceramic tiles can crack. Also make sure that the sub floor doesn’t block the openings the doors.

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Most often, ceramic floor tiles are installed in the bathroom and the kitchen. If you plan to do so, make sure to remove the toilet. In the kitchen, you need to remove everything from the floor.

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Tools & Material Needed:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Grout to fill voids, and seal joints
  • Spacers
  • Ceramic tile adhesive
  • Measuring tape and ruler
  • Notched trowel to apply adhesive and grout
  • Pail
  • Pencil and chalk line
  • Rubber float
  • Rubber hand gloves
  • Rubber mallet
  • Snap-line
  • Sponge
  • Square
  • Ceramic tile cutter
  • Tile nippers / tile saw

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Step By Step DIY Instructions to Install Ceramic Floor Tiles

  1. Determine the Layout – The first step is to determine the layout you want or expect. To do this, you will have to lay the tiles without adhesives to see how they fit and look. Start by drawing lines with a chalk line. Lay the ceramic tiles on the floor along the marked lines. Start from the centre. Use spacers between each tile. Remember that most modern ceramic tiles have spacers on the sides. If your tiles have no spacers, then you can use plastic spacers. Remember that you may have to cut tiles when you reach the walls. Once you are satisfied, make all the required marking using chalk line and then remove all the tiles.installation ceramic tile floor floor tile decoration ideas inside How to Install Ceramic Floor Tiles
  2. Apply Ceramic Tiles Adhesive – Apply ceramic tile adhesive to the sub-floor using a notched trowel. Start by applying adhesive to the first 2-3 rows.
  3. Lay Down the Tiles – Now is the time to lay down all the tiles on the adhesive. Jiggle tiles to make sure they set in to the adhesive. Use the spacer in between tiles. Gently tap the tiles using the rubber mallet to help them set properly.
  4. Remove Spacers – Remove the spacers as you move to the next rows. Do this before the adhesive gets dry. If any of the spacers are stuck, just leave them where they are.
  5. Allow the Adhesive Set – Repeat all the above steps until the whole area is covered. Leave the room for about 18 – 24 hours so that the adhesive can set properly. Once the adhesive is set, it is time to install the border tiles.laying a ceramic tile floor throughout how to install ceramic floor tiles
  6. Cutting Tiles for Boarder – Mark the height to cut. Using a tile cutter, cut the tile. Use a tile saw or tile nippers if required.
  7. Install Boarder Tiles – Install the boarder tiles in the same way as you did with the full tiles.
  8. Apply Grout – Before applying grout, make sure the adhesive is completely set. Before grouting, wet the tiles with water. This will help the grout to spread better. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and mix the grout. Slightly pour the mix over the joints. Using a rubber float, help the grout to fill the spaces. Remember that grout mixture will dry very quickly. So, it is recommended to wipe of any excess grout after about 5-6 minutes after it was poured on the tiles. If possible, keep someone for help. Wipe off all excess grout using a damp sponge. Make sure not to use too much water.
  9. Seal the Grout – The grout may need 8-10 days to cure. Leave the room for 8-10 days and then return back to seal the grout. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If there is no instructions the apply silicone sealer using a brush.
  10. Leave the room for about 20 hours and then clean the room properly.
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