How To Mount Folding Doors

The folding doors are the most suitable solutions for small apartments, in them it is important to make the most of the space and then the normal hinged doors are often too bulky. Another good use you can make of this type of doors is to create walk-in closets or storage rooms and can also be used in outdoor environment. They are a valid alternative to retractable doors, difficult to install and often very expensive, although reduced by about 10% passing. The folding doors can be an excellent choice of furniture, are very cost-competitive and are sold in an assembly kit, in various materials and colors.

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Assemble the folding doors is simple and practical, perfect for lovers of DIY, and does not require the use of special equipment.

Most mounting kit folding doors have standard sizes, so to avoid problems is good to take precise measurements of the door so be sure to buy the kit that best suits your needs.

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Equipment needed

Before you start is good idea to have all the tools necessary for mounting the folding door.

Need a few tools that we all have normally at home or that we can easily buy in shops for DIY:

1) a meter,

2) a pencil,

3) a hacksaw,

4) a leveling bubble,

5) a screwdriver,

6) a drill,

7) bit to drill the walls,

8) bit to drill the blade of the door where the handle will be screwed,

9) anchors to attach the guides to the walls door.

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For convenience we recommend the use of an electric screwdriver, as greatly reduces the assembly time. It can be also replaced by the drill, but in this case we must pay more attention because the power of the drill is greater than that of the tool.

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For lovers of DIY more equipped we recommend the use of a jigsaw to be able to make more precise cuts and without effort and in less time.

Mount Doors Bellows: Install folding doors

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The first step to assemble the door is to measure the height and width of the opening; then, if necessary, it passes to the cutting of the guides and of the plates which form the door. Now we can prepare to attach the rails: place the upper ceiling guide and mark the holes with a pencil, the same must be done with the side guides. Then they drill the holes with the drill. This is important as it gives stability to the structure.

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The second step is the assembly of the door laminae, which are to be joined together and must be screwed to the carriages that will enable scrolling. The carriages are then positioned in the upper guide to be well lubricated to open and close the door without difficulty.

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We proceed by screwing the side guides in the holes where we inserted the plugs. Then it should be attached to them the door and, when it will be fully locked, you switch to fixing the ceiling of the upper guide.

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Finally the handles are mounted by drilling holes on both sides of the door and screwing them gently. Even this should be done very carefully to avoid damaging the foil.

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