5 Tips on How To Optimize Space In Kitchen

Here’s our free guide on how to optimize space in kitchen, very useful especially if the kitchen is small.

Following our advice on how to better manage the optimize space in kitchen, with a particular focus on shelves and wall cabinets in kitchens of “normalsize, let us give you 5 practical advice on how to optimize space in kitchen in case you have a large kitchen.

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How to optimize space in kitchen, practical solution number 1: create an ultra efficient area under sink

The cabinet under the sink can be used in an intelligent and functional manner, installing inside it a series of small shelves, the shelves in the network, of hooks and baskets of votes, in addition to the garbage bins and containers separate collection. This will make it easy storing detergents, sponges, plastic bags, dish towels and everything for which never seems to be room in a kitchen.

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In addition, having baskets of recycling under the sink will be useful and convenient, not only because it will facilitate the recycling time, but also because it will be at hand.

How to optimize space in the kitchen, practical solution number 2: divide the spaces and use sliding solutions

You know those who are inside the sliding shelves and cabinets that you can slide out if necessary? Behold, these solutions are really good to organize the space in a small kitchen. Not only they are perfect to hold many things, but they also serve to facilitate the operations.

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Another useful tip for an organized kitchen? Divide the drawers with dividers appropriate; so you can keep separate utensils in order.

How to optimize space in the kitchen, practical option number 3: organize according to the uses spaces

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This advice is valid for kitchens of all sizes, but is especially useful when you have a mini kitchen. It is important to organize the space so that everything is at hand depending on the use that we must make. An example? Keep the knives next to the cutting board in the area where you cut the bread is a good idea, as well as keep the covers next to the stove, or even the salt and the oil close to the work surface. If everything is where it should be used there is much more order and it is easier to cook and fix up the kitchen.

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How to optimize the space in the kitchen, practical solution number 4: hanging pots and pans

A perfect way to store pots and pans hang it near the stove. It will be very easy to reach them when you need to use them, and can also easily put them away after use.

In addition there will be no all those moments of indecision in which we think about what is the best frying pan because there is no longer remembers what pans you have available; everything will be in plain sight, easy to choose and easy to take.

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How to optimize space in the kitchen, practical solution number 5: use open and vertical spaces

In a small kitchen vertical space it is all about and should be used wisely and knowledgeably. Open shelves will be efficient and functional to find the space and to keep things close at hand, from the dishes to the microwave. Do not ever underestimate the power of the height, especially in environments with small size!

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