10 Top Kitchen Island Designs Trends in 2018

If you have a bigger kitchen, then you need to have a kitchen island too. This is a great idea that helps in adding up storage area, a bigger space for cooking and eating as well. But apartment homes can also enjoy an island design because there are ideas that are widely available these days. Islands are usually visible on open kitchens but you can also have then on your kitchen as long as there is enough space for it.

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Kitchen islands are so famous and it has been in existence for more than 50 years now. But the designs these days are very classy & you can even find kitchen islands that truly fit into your needs. This article can help you choose from wide variety of kitchen island designs that can be an inspiration to your kitchen.

Waterfall counters

Waterfall counters are also known as risers and they have been around for quite some time now. You will surely be happy having it inside the kitchen. It will make your kitchen look more modernize and it will also create a sleeker look. Waterfall counters shouldn’t be downgraded because of the modern space it occupies. The mixture of contemporary & traditional elements in this kind of kitchen usually work together just to give enough the kitchen a timeless look.

One wall

This island design is known as the Pullman kitchen and this is best for studio type homes or apartments. It is one of the best space savers in the kitchen for smaller homes. The cabinets and the appliances are all fixed on a wall. Its modern design has an island that makes the place evolves into a gallery style as you walk through the hall.

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This design is very much ideal for smaller homes and this idea is so efficient for small spaces. This is also known as walk through kitchen which is highlighted by 2 walls that are opposite each other. The 2 countertops with walkway in between them are part of the design too. This design can help you maximize even small inches inside the kitchen and there will not be any problem about it in the future.

The triangle type

This island in the kitchen offers you with a 2nd sink which is best for food preparation, making compact and convenient work area too.

The island paradise

These kinds of kitchen islands are so famous these days. More than 80% if homeowners today consider this type because of the desirable feature. This is best for bigger homes because you still need to make sure that there is enough space left for everyone to move inside the kitchen.

Making the home more valuable is a priority for homeowners. It is an asset that can truly accumulate immense amounts of value through the years. The quest to create value is constant and homeowners are looking to generate as much of it as they can for their very own properties. The ways to increase value are numerous but one of the most effective methods is through upgrading the home and more specifically its kitchen.

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