About us

Welcome on my Blog

I am a hobby gardener Lukas and in my free time, I like to dig up my garden. In 2015 I even did an apprenticeship as a wine manager and learned interesting things. I would like to share my knowledge with you here!

My last projects were a flowerbed made of natural stones and a pool.

We fenced in the bed with stones to make it easier and faster to mow the lawn. Without a demarcation, you have no idea how fast you drive over a flower … Speak from experience. But more about this soon on my natural stone bed post.

We decided on an above-ground pool. As we currently live in a rental property and the subsurface is paved with concrete. (Old farm, there were once several buildings, e.g. chicken coop, potato cellar …) More soon.

But there are already other projects in the pipeline! We have turned a dead, unused corner into a vegetable patch. The vegetables are growing crazy, so we decided to build 3 raised beds. We are currently in the planning stage, but you will find more information here soon!

How did I get interested in the green?

Here, you do a trial in companies when you are at school. When you are 14 years old. I grew up in the country, maybe that’s where my basic interest comes from? During my trial days, I helped a garden design company.

Of course, at the age of 14 you are not classified in the same way as an adult. If I remember correctly, it should have been 14 days to 1 month workinf “for” the company. No matter what, I had a lot of fun creating ponds and meadows.

What did I learn during my training as a winemaker?

From the “groundbreaking” to the right tasting and evaluation, we learned everything. Actually, one should say starting with the refinement of the vines. Quite an important step in Europe!

Not only did we learned a lot in practice, but also tasted and rated wines.

The idea of ​​a blackout in Europe is becoming more and more realistic. I’m certainly not a fanatic, but we keep hearing from experts how high the probability is. And how close it got already. In my opinion, we should also prepare a little for it. There is basic equipment that we should all have at home.