How To Choose The Best Living Room Rug

There are many ways to upgrade our living room into a more lovely room. The using of a rug for living room is one way to decorate our living room. Nowadays, many types of rugs are offered with various patterns. There also more and more interesting color combinations with natural or synthetic materials such as silk fabric, wool, or synthetic fabric. A rug for living room is not only to cover the floor, but we can also apply it on the wall to replace painting as a wall decoration. However, not all rugs always fit our living room. There are some considerations before we decide to buy a new living room rug.

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Choosing the right size rug for a living room is the first thing we need to think of. There are various rug sizes from a very small rug to a very large one. It depends on our room size and need. The size of the rug does not have to be the same size as the living room. We can also place a living room rug only to certain area, such as beneath the sofa set or to a smaller area in front of the TV unit.

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If we choose to apply the rug on certain area only, we need to make sure that the rug size is not too small, that will be awkward for a large room, or too large because it will make the room too crowded. Choosing the right size can make the rug as the center point of the living room if this is the purpose.

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Besides that, we also need to match the patterns and also colors of the rugs with our living room wall color, the furniture, and the other decorations in the living room. If we already have a sofa set with a colorful pattern, we can use a non pattern rug in suitable color. A bright color rug can always give a wider impression to the room. The rug color is not always the same as the color of the other stuffs around. We can make an astonishing look through the using of contrast colors. A larger living room is more flexible to any colors. Dark rug choice can bring a cool atmosphere, but it will make the room look narrower.

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The quality of the rug itself is also very important. There are some different textures and thickness in each rug. The more dense the sewing is, the more durable it is. Rugs made of natural materials such as wool is also more friendly for our health. It is also necessary to know the treatment of the living room rug. If we are quite busy, we can choose a rug that is not complicated to clean to save the time. Especially if we have pets at home. These are some useful tips to decorate our living room using a living room rug.

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