Electric Fireplace: Frequently Asked Questions, Features, Advantages

When you think of an electric fireplace we can think of a high bill compared to wood models and pellets: Is it really so? Let’s analyze its features and frequently asked questions. In fact the electric chimney has low consumption and immediate heat without sacrificing the vision of the flame.

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Aesthetic beauty similar to the traditional fireplace, but that is of comfort in the absence of chimney and the emission of dust and ashes can be found in the electric fireplace. Also called Geppetto fireplace, as it seems that the dancing flame really burns the wood in a cheerful hearth, the electric fireplace makes us immediately think of a high energy expenditure and a high bill to pay at the end of the month, but is it really so? The information that encourages us to choose wood-difficult solution for those who live in the apartment-or the pellet-expensive solution as first purchase-are really the best? Why, instead, do not really contemplate to choose an electric fireplace and inform about its real functionality?

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Often, in fact, we hear that an electric fireplace consumes a lot of electricity and does not heat the whole house well, but for us is the only solution in our house, especially because we do not have much space available and we need only for Some hours of the day when we are relaxing on the couch after work, already having a central heating system throughout the rest of the house.

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Buying a wood or pellet stove would have very high initial costs, while, instead, buy electric fireplace is a much lower expense, but with potential suitable for our heating needs explained above.

Types and models marry different lines and styles:

  • Some can be hung on the walls almost as if they were paintings;
  • Others placed in the middle of the room so that the flame is reflected on all four walls.
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The reduced energy consumption, allow an electric fireplace to be chosen as a functional solution to the heating of your home or to be integrated to a second source of central heating, to give a touch of elegance or increase the Spread of heat in an environment that remains lacking, because more closed or secluded.

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Why choose a fake electric fireplace and who is it for?

Choosing an electric fireplace is a convenient and convenient solution because:

  • Not requiring the installation of the chimney or a ventilation system, the electric models are particularly suitable for those who live in a condominium or where there is no possible assembly, becoming a convenient alternative to the traditional fireplace wood or gas;
  • They do not need any kind of permanent ventilation structure, like a chimney and can be placed in front of a wall or moved to other rooms according to the needs. You can install your fireplace in any environment of your home, without any building intervention and decide to buy also the turnkey version where only by attaching the plug to the electric current, your fireplace will be already working, Allowing you to automate ignition, shutdown and temperature according to your needs;
  • It is ready to use, it must not be mounted, installed, does not need the help of a technician, but is placed in the house, in the place that you need to heat and connected to the electrical outlet.

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The electric fireplaces are distinguished by design and functionality that includes the vision of the flickering flame in the installation of optical fibers or special lights in the interior of the system, but have the defect that, with the same speed with which they heat The environment, after turning off, does not have a good hold of the heat in the environment.

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Particular importance assumes the mobility of the fireplace, which can be easily transported and used in several environments, thanks to its variable dimensions and customization, allowing you to give you a heating system usable in Domestic and holiday situations.

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What do I need to know before buying an electric fireplace?

Buying and installing an electric fireplace is very simple-as we said above-but there is one thing to do and to know: before connecting it to the socket, it is necessary to have the electrical system checked, so that it is in a condition that can Dispense, without any problems, the electric current in a continuous manner.
Does the electric fireplace need the chimney?

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The electric fireplace does not need to install any chimney: to work just that it is connected to the electric current.

Is the electric fireplace dangerous?

The electric fireplace is not dangerous, but it is necessary to design its installation in areas without fire risk-keeping the electric fireplace away from the walls is advisable, except in the models studied and realized for this methodology of Installation-and protect the area where the dancing flame is present with a kind of flame-retardant, sold separately on the market, so as to limit burns or burns to an involuntary contact.

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Does the electric fireplace really warm up the house?

Yes, the electric fireplace is a heater and the heat is generated by two resistances, giving a live flame effect with the lighting of light bulbs or fiber optics.

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Can I install the electric fireplace in the bedroom?

Yes, the electric fireplace is ideal to be installed even in the most intimate areas of the house, as in the case of the bedroom: there is no combustion of any kind, like in the fake fireplaces of the same category, gas or bio-ethanol.

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Can I choose to turn on only the flame and not the heating?

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In some models of electric fireplace, heating is independent of the function of the vision of the flame, so if you want to give your home the cozy atmosphere of the fireplace, but at that time you do not need heating, you can Also take advantage of this option.

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Can I adjust the temperature of the electric fireplace?

Yes, every type of electric fireplace is equipped with a thermostat to regulate temperature and flame.

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Is it true that the electric fireplace improves the ambient air?

Yes, some models of electric fireplace are equipped with ionizer, able to improve the air of the environment-ideal in large cities with high pollution rates-thanks to the negative ions, electric charges that manage to capture the impurities present in the air.

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Let’s recap: what are the advantages of an electric fireplace?

Choosing an electric fireplace has many advantages:

  • You buy a product ready to use that does not require installation;
  • You do not need a chimney, so ideal for any type of dwelling and space;
  • It heats up like a traditional fireplace, but without the need to supply the fuel;
  • It has variable prices according to the design and characteristics chosen, but with costs accessible to all;
  • It can be placed in every corner of the house, above a piece of furniture, to act as a mobile itself, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the hallway, without problems;
  • No need to be placed in ventilated areas: it does not burn any fuel;
  • When you no longer need heating, you can turn it off and the heat will stop spreading;
  • Not dirty and no need for cleaning or routine maintenance;
  • You will have, however, in your hearth, the vision of the Dancing flame as in a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

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