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The presence of home lighting is no longer considered as a secondary need in a house. Home lighting planning is now considered vital because it can influence the design in the house. Wrong choices in applying lighting in our house will distract the whole design. On the other hand, the right lighting arrangement in the house will bring comfort and warmth, as well as add to the beauty of the house. Many improvements have been made in home lighting technique. Modern home lighting has brought much progress in brightening our home.

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Modern home lighting classifies lighting into several groups based on their functions. General lighting is the lighting that provides the main lighting in our house. It means that the light from general lighting should be able to be distributed to the whole area. Ceiling is the right media to place this type of lighting. Instead of having one large light at the center of a room, it is suggested to install indirect lights that can be done through some downlights that are installed unseen.

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To provide lights for certain activities in the house, we need task lighting. General lighting is not sufficient when we have to do special tasks in the house, such as cooking, working, dressing up, reading, and still many other activities in the house. Thus, we require more lights that we can use only when we need. Some table lamps or standing lamps are suitable for our reading and typing activities. While for the dining and cooking activities, some pendant lights will be very helpful.

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Besides that, accent lighting comes with their decorative function. This lighting will expose the feature of certain items, such as a painting on the wall, a big vase at the corner, or inside the display racks. Some decorative wall lamps can also highlight some feature along the corridor, as well as the task lighting to help the mobility in the corridor at night.

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The modern home lighting also considers the habit of the people in the house since different families have different routines. Thus, we can decide which of the lights will stay on during the night, and which ones should be turned off. Modern home lighting offers efficiencies as well in the using of the energy to support the environmental friendly technology.

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